Here at Coastal Bend Safety Solutions (CBSS), we offer a complete line of DOT services from operator qualifications, to DOT PHMSA program start up, to onsite PHMSA consulting.  Over 15 years of experience in working with the DOT industry with owner/operators and pipeline contractors, CBSS can assist your company’s need and correct requirements to complete the job.  CBSS offers Operator Qualification Solutions Group (OQSG) and Veriforce OQs testing and evaluations to clients for each qualifications that your company is needing.

CBSS will provide professional service in all our client’s needs.  With flexible hours, we can provide onsite services to our clients 24/7.  For convenience to our clients, we make our services readily available to clients by coming to your location.  Give CBSS a call to experience a pain free and prompt service.